Top 10 reasons to practice at HHY
HHY Positive Impact on Volusia County

10) Brought yoga to Volusia county: HHY is the first of 15 local studios
9) Developed a unique teacher's training program to help cultivate a community of yogis and maintain a standard curriculum *Educated the majority of studio owners and teachers in Volusia County
7) Created new classes and introduced new styles to Volusia County, including Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Core Flow, and Sacred Music
6) Introduced Tarot and Astrology to Volusia County
5) Provided programs to enrich lives and promote Wellness, such as 40 Days to Personal Revolution, Detox Flow, and the 21 Day Challenge
4) Integrated massage therapists, acupuncturists, yogis, and other Wellness practitioners all under one roof
3) Continually provided reliable, consistent service: voted best yoga instruction 8 years and still counting!
2) Regularly donated to various charities in the local community, including Halifax Humane Society, Chamber of Commerce, Ormond Memorial, etc.
1) Transformed hundreds of lives through yoga, and much more!

Top 10 Reasons to study with HHY
Why students Love HHY's Teachers

1) Experts in the field of yoga.

2) Are the teachers to yoga teachers.

3) Teach yoga full time publicly and privately.

4) Are well versed in several lineages of yoga.

5) Have chosen teaching yoga as a career.

6) Offer hands on assisting in each class.

7) Are well rounded for  beginners to advanced yoga practitioners.

8) Passionate about structural alignment, breathing techniques, meditation practice & yoga sutras.

9) Have an extensive personal yoga practice.

10) 1000's of hour invest in their continuing education of yoga
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philosophical yoga teachers training
300 hr advanced teachers training begins friday, october 2016
Do you long for more creativity, joy, and awareness as a Yoga Teacher? Are you ready to expand your gifts, talents, and skills? If so, take your understanding to the next level by delving deeper into the 300 hour Spiritual Evolution program. Shelly Kwiatkouski aka 'Uma' has evolved her Vinyasa Flow foundation to include the subtle influences of Anusara, Ashtanga and Power Yoga. Shelly's electric mix of styles offers her students infinite ways to grow personally as well as professionally.

At the completion of the Spiritual Evolution Training, you will have the skills to teach advanced Vinyasa Flows. In addition to these skills, you will also be able to teach core strengthening classes, Yin Yoga, and Sacred Music. The creative and intelligent flow style that is taught throughout this program prepares you as the teacher to easily adapt to your various class needs. Are you getting excited about this life changing experience?

The Spiritual Evolution program offers clarity about your connection to body, mind and spirit. Throughout the program you will discover, embrace, create, laugh, study, and come to know yourself in new and awakened ways. Shelly aka 'Uma' offers one of the grandest gifts of yoga-lifelong curiosity.

Tuition: Bird discount 500.00 before August 15
Deposit: $500.00
Monthly Auto Payment Program: Payment plan can be arranged with Director of Training on an individual basis. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a payment plan.
To apply for Teachers Training: visit 1400 Hand Ave., Suite N For additional information call Shelly 386-676-0572 or email


standing on your hands workshop
feel free to register for satudays, august 20th from 2-4 pm with shelly kwiatkouski
1. Practicing a new skill helps you become more proficient and confident, which positively affects other areas of your life, too. "Practice makes perfect" is an old adage - but you don't need to perfect your skills; you just need to practice them.

2. More confidence, clarity of purpose, a renewed spirit and the ability to know yourself more deeply and act from your truth.

3. You can learn new things at any time in your life if you're willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.

4. A fun fresh yoga practice that's based on anatomical insight for the maximum safety, strength, flexibility, and mind - body connection that you can take with you off your mat.

5. Handstands can help awaken the free spirit inside of you. People often become so bogged down with responsibilities from work and family that they forget how to have fun. Working your way through the poses and sequences during a yoga practice can bring out your inner child; inversions can call up your sense of adventure.
Cost: $35

unwind in iceland august 28th - september 3rd with shelly kwiatkouski ERYT500
(includes 8-day full days of yoga, all excursions, 2 meals the nightlife is a must in Iceland.)
Wanted: Adventurous spirits who love meeting new people, trying new foods and seeing new parts of the world…

If that’s you then join this excellent adventure to Iceland and connect with a true practice of Yoga-Experiencing and appreciating the gorgeous natural world around us.

We will work hard on our mats breathing, sweating, and challenging our comfort zone with intense movement. Off our mat we will play hard exploring Reykjavik, exploring the Golden Circle, caving, whale watching, etc

This once in a lifetime experience will expand our minds and open our hearts, making us better people and oh so grateful to share all of this together. It will be a life changer!

Jump in on this excellent adventure anytime: we have our flights and our excursions planned! Need a roomate?
For More info: visit 1400 Hand Ave Suite N call shelly 386-676-0572 or courtney 562-304-3032 email shelly@hothouseyogaob.com
Click here for Online registration 


retreat to bhutan with shelly kwiatkouski ERYT500 spring of 2017
(please note this trip is limited to 12 yogis a deposit of 1000 saves your spot )
Our Bhutan yoga adventure weaves together the best of the country’s culture and nature as we explore ancient fortresses and temples, mingle with monks and hang prayer flags, ride the rapids and discover the significance (and crazy mish-mash look) of the native takin.

By limiting the number of tourist visas issued each year, Bhutan is one of the few countries able to sustain their endemic culture while welcoming in the wider world.  The result is a moving feast of culture, nature and local infectious smiles.

Bring your sense of wonderment and humor as we travel alongside the inspiring locals who measure their life and success by their Gross National Happiness and call the awe-inspiring Land of the Thunder Dragon home.

Retreat to Bhutan for ten days of amazing cultural, food, history. Price covers your round trip flight to Bangkok to Bhutan as well as luxury boutique hotels in Thimphu, Punakha, Paro.

Adventure: $6,995 room, flights, food, yoga, all excursions, 10 days 9 nights inlcuded
Dates: TBD  Sunday to Tuesday Deposit: $1000.00 (non-refundable)
Yoga Retreat Monthly Payment Program: vary *Paid in full 90 days before for the trip
For More info: visit 1400 Hand Ave Suite N call
shelly 386-676-0572 or courtney 562-304-3032 email shelly@hothouseyogaob.com

Click here for Online registration 


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Recognized by Volusia County Residents as "Best Around" for 2007 - 2015
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1400 HAND AVE | ORMOND BEACH, FL | 386.676.0572 | DIRECTIONS
Recognized by Volusia County Residents as "Best Around" for 2007 - 2015