Ann Pierre, Owner of Aquamarine Spa
Massage therapist 386-679-1661
I have been a Massage therapist for 5 years.  I practice Thai on the table, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Muscle Energy Technique, Sports Massage and Therapeutic Rehab Massage for injury with special focus on Piriformis Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Injuries and lower back issues.  I am also a licensed esthetician with focus on skincare for 3 years.  My specialty is working to restore balance and vitality to aging skin and with our spa facial.  

My interests include enjoying time in nature and participating in the arts with heavy roots in dance culture.  Tribal fusion belly dance is a long time passion along with Indian Temple Dance. The cultural dance community is a welcoming and empowering place for me & I love to share body positivity & divine feminine empowerment. Cell: 386-679-1661

Rebecca Williams
Massage Therapist 402-917-8241
Recently licensed in the state of Florida as an LMT, Rebecca adds to her life path the healing power of touch.  Already versed in the importance of regular exercise from years of performance in the area of college athletics, road racing, and obstacle course racing, Rebecca is building the outline to live and teach a life of overall wellness for the self.  She believes that a 5-Star system of wellness allows a person to grow to their highest potential and it all begins with that first step! Incorporating: 1) Massage, 2) Nutrition, 3) Mindfulness, 4) Activity, and 5) Travel into a person’s life, they are able to tap into all of the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs to make life’s journey rewarding and fulfilling. 
Rebecca's massage technique is tailored to the client and highlights the right modality or combination of modalities for the individual; integrating Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Swedish, Sports, and Acupressure will ensure your session is designed for you! Please feel free to contact via text or phone call any time! www.RebeccaRWilliamsLMT.massagetherapy.com Cell: 402-917-8241
Rebecca Provost
Resident Tarot Card Reader  
cell: 386-682-1055
Rebecca originally began studying tarot as a teenager because the idea of finding a connection to other people and the universe was intriguing. Little did she know this would be a life-long journey. After roughly ten years of independent study she found a mentor. Along with knowing the definitions of the cards, her new mentor impressed upon her the importance of meditation and a connection to the spirit.  To expand her spiritual practice, Rebecca has received her RYT200 certificate and is in the process of completing her RYT500.
Under the tutelage of her mentor, she began professionally reading at festivals, parties and in one-on-one sessions about eight years ago. Helping people gain insight to their lives and moving forward has become Rebecca’s motivation for furthering her studies and exploration of the craft.
Her thoughts on what she does: “Honest and direct communication is the key to a successful reading, clients come to me because they are looking for their truth. It is so important to pass on any information in a constructive and helpful way.” 
Walli Lawson
Astrologer / Tarot 386-307-2323
I began my Metaphysical Studies in 1990 Astrology was the first subject, with focus on the Karma & energy of Saturn I continued my education with the language of Tarot followed by several Reiki attunements. Lastly, I studied the healing properties of semi-precious gems, utilizing them in unique jewelry designs, for the corporate world.

My Astrology library includes: The Astrologer Handbook, by Sakoian & Acker Predictive & Relationships editions, also by Sakoian & Acker, Reincarnation & Astrology, by Donald H. Yott, Solar Returns, by Mary Shea, the trusty American Emphemeris, 20th & 21st Century and a Planet Relationship book that is so old, I have no clue on the name. My favorite Tarot training books are Eileen Connelly, The Apprentice Version & Tarot Unveiled: The Method To its Magic. By Laura Clarson. My crystal reference books include Stone Power, by Dorothee L. Mella and The Crystal Handbook by Kevin Sullivan.

My Reiki Masters were: Roland M.Comtois, Jr of RI, 1st Degree 2000, 2nd Degree 2000, Pamela Loffredo-Palmer of ME, 3rd Degree, 2001, Joan Ruggiero of MA, 2002, Susan Isbelle, frmly of NH, Shambhala Multidemensional 2nd Degree & Special Angel Attunement, 2003, Bridget Gallagher, of MA, Master Attunement, 2008.

My current astrology studies have included the ‘extra’ rocks floating around the Earth, such as Chiron, Vespa & Lilith. These rocks reveal early childhood ‘set-ups’ that can help explain later adult-life behaviors and beliefs. I have also developed a simple way of plotting group energies, to help understand the dynamics of families, work-groups & personnal relationships.

I now, report daily on the Hot House Yoga Facebook page, the energies of the day with suggestions in dealing with them. My intent is to assist you in understanding the energy going on, to help you make it work for the best positive advantages. Cell: 
Dave & Jonella
Mediums 386-931-1843
Dave and Jonella Bachman have been married since 1986.  they live in Palm Coast, Florida where they create the base for their 3 businesses.  They have identical twin sons, a precious 8 year old granddaughter and 2 cats.
Dave and Jonella have studied extensively at the Southern Cassadage Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida.  They furthered their studies at Authur Findlay College in the UK and even now make every effort to continue development under such greats as Mavis Patilla.
Previously they owned The Source Spiritual Educational Centra.  Now, while they share special private parties and give private readings, most of their work is demonstration/platform.  Unique to this couple is a program called "Two Mediums With Spirit - "Connecting Two Worlds".  They present using the "double-link" method of mediumship which is more popular in Europe.
As mediums, Dave and Jonella find they can touch the lives of those in their path deeper than any opportunity shared before. It is an honor to be part of this work and an honor to be invited to share in this special place, Hot House Yoga.
Private Readings available by appointment only
Contact: Jonella 386-931-1843 or daveandjonella.com





treatment room 3
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studio: 386-676-0572


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1400 HAND AVE | ORMOND BEACH, FL | 386.676.0572 | DIRECTIONS
Recognized by Volusia County Residents as "Best Around" for 2007 - 2016