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In February 2015 I began the 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Program at Hot House Yoga with Shelly Kwiatkouski, aka Uma, to get better at doing yoga. I had no idea the amazing impact the teacher training program and Shelly in particular would have on my life.

Shelly helped me understand there is more to me than I had ever imagined, spiritually and physically, and she opened my eyes and heart to a way of being that has brought me a deep sense of inner peace.

I recognize my time with Shelly during the yoga teacher training program as one of the most pivotal times in my life. I will be forever grateful to Shelly for igniting a fire inside me that will no longer allow me to play it small.

My goal starting the 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Program was not to be a yoga teacher but to learn how to do more difficult poses, especially handstands, so I could begin checking off the list of poses I had mastered. But instead, I was led down the 8 Limb Path by Shelly in an extraordinary loving and inspiring manner that has transformed my entire outlook on life and what I thought was the world around me and the future ahead of me.

Shelly was able to help me find a new confidence about myself which has allowed me to believe I can achieve my heart’s desire.
I highly endorse Hot House Yoga and Shelly Kwiatkouski to anyone ready to start living their truth path.

Photos by Tim Biggs

Shelly Kwiatkouski ERYT 500 offers (teacher/teacher's) training classes, it is much more than just preparing someone to become better at yoga poses or enabling them to teach.  She digs deeply into the theory, tradition, and practice of yoga moving her students towards a more realized self.

Shelly loves to watch her students grow from the inside out. She explores each student’s mind and habits to assist them in exploring the root of their own true nature.  Shelly’s intention is to open a path that leads her students back to truth and to a place of peace in the mind. With her gift of intuition, Shelly’s teaching style is profound and transformational.  
She believes that each person is a flame burning brightly and that each individual is capable of living a life of contentment. Shelly and her teachings honor the uniqueness of each individual flame and she reminds us that there is nothing in this world more valuable than the contentment of a life well lived.
Shelly draws from a diverse background of personal, professional and educational experiences that make her teachings meaningful and relevant to our daily lives.  She has amassed over 11,000 hours of teaching in yoga, anatomy, philosophy, kinesiology, meditation and the healing arts. She owns and directs her own thriving studio, Hot House Yoga in Ormond Beach. She has an extensive background in teaching meditation and healing classes.
Shelly teaches from her heart and her greatest aspiration is to bring hearts together. Her yoga practice and teachings are fueled by a strong desire to effect a positive change in her students and the world. Her innovative and open minded attitude leads the way to this change. Her classes are constructed in creative ways that move us through the joy of self discovery. Shelly’s thoughtful and masterful activities safely carry us along the journey of healing. 

If you are ready to grow and share that burning desire for change, now is the time to transform your life into one of contentment and self awareness. Spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic growth await you in a beginners hot flow 200 RYT or advanced urban flow 300 RYT training with Shelly Kwiatkouski ERYT 500.

Theology Diablo Valley College 1989
Berkeley Psychic Institute Meditation / Healing Program 1996
Berkeley Psychic Institute Clairvoyant Program 1997
Berkeley Psychic Institute Ministers in Training 1998
Berkeley Psychic Institute Christian Education Program 1999
Berkeley Psychic Institute Teachers Training Program 1999
Church of Aesclepion Transmedium Program 2003
The Barkan Method level I(200) II & III 2006
The International Reiki Center Reiki I & II , Reiki Master  2006
Omega Conference Being Yoga Ft. Lauderdale Nov. 2007
Seven Sacred Centers, Anodea Judith Dec. 2007
Yoga Journal Conference Ft. Lauderdale Nov. 2008
Stars Edge International Avatar Training, Avatar Master 2009
Thai Massage 1- 4 Florida School of Massage Oct 2010
Being Yoga, Ft. Lauderdale Nov. 2010
Kirtan College, Durga Das February 2011
Power Alignment Yoga (615) Alta Monte Springs October 2011
Kirtan College, Durga Das October 2011
Anusara Yoga Training, Desiree Rumbaugh Jan. 2012
Kirtan College, Durga Das February 2012
The Heart of Devotion, Krishna Das March 2012
Light on Yoga with Tony Novuo May 2012
Inversion Flow Briohny Kate Smyth & Dice Iida-Klein Workshop, June 2012
Intermediate Inversion Training(40) Desiree Rumbaugh July 2012
Power Yoga Teachers Training (200), Rolf Gates Sept. 2012
Breakdown & Breakthrough, Catherine McCarthy Workshop, Dec. 2012
Flip Your Perspective,Tiffany Cruichank Feb. 2013
iFly Brock and Krista Cahill March 2013
Fit Flow Briohny Kate Smyth & Dice Iida-Klein (50) Teachers Training, March 2013

A Full Series with Phillip Askew Aug 2013
Weekend Workshops with Jason Crandle Aug 2013
Smart Flow Fall Immersion with Annie Carpenter, October 2013
iFly Brock and Krista Cahill Dec 2013
A Weekend of Origami David Regelin, Febraury 2014
A Weekend Intensive with Tim Miller, March 2014
A Weekend with Kirtan Chant Durga Das, April 2014

Anusara Yoga Training Desiree Rumbaugh, May 2014
Yoga Sutras Master Course Pandit Rajmani Tigunait PhD, May 2015
Yoga Anatomy Principals Leslie Kaminoff, May 2015



Sample Schedule
90 min. Practice

Yoga Sutras
The Theory and Practice Sankhya Yoga
The (state of) realization gained through the practice of Sankhya can also be gained through the practice of Yoga. An aspirant fully established in one attains the fruits of both. – Bhagavad Gita

90 min. Practice
Yoga Anatomy

Dynamic Breath
Prana and Apana
Sthira and Sukha
The Banda’s

Practice Teach
Applications of kinesiology to human health
Chakra Systems
A New Language of the Spirit
Energy Medicine and Intuition
Sacred Truths
The first Chakra: Tribal Power
Answer questions for self-examination


8 Limb Path
Ahimsa: nonviolence
Satya: truthfulness
Asteya: nonstealing
Brahmacharya: continence
Aparigraha: noncovetousness

Archetypal Systems
what is a Sacred contract
A contract isn’t about saying what you meant. It is about meaning what you say.—Oliver Wendell Holmes

Yoga Anatomy
Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, is the scientific study of human movement.
90 min Practice
Integrating your knowledge through practice
Practice Teach
Applications of kinesiology to human health include strength and conditioning
Om Out

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1400 HAND AVE | ORMOND BEACH, FL | 386.676.0572 | DIRECTIONS
Recognized by Volusia County Residents as "Best Around" for 2007 - 2016