Shelly Kwiatkouski believes that traveling is an exceptional way to connect with the true practice of yoga-experiencing and appreciating natural habitats, the animal kingdom and the diversity of cultures in the world around us. For that reason, Shelly enthusiastically offers yoga excursions to unique places, “off the beaten path”, such as the Galapagos Islands, Iceland and Peru; places that will forever change the way you see the world.    

She makes sure to choose locations that connect you to
ShellyKwiatkouski.com varying cultures, such as the simplicity of third world countries, the solitude of majestic mountains, or through interaction with wildlife.  The once in a lifetime experiences expand the mind and open the heart making us better people.

Shelly’s yoga excursions are much more than just yoga retreat.  Her intention is to transform your life through the experiences you encounter.  Her pioneer attitude ensures an adventure that is memorable and different.  With her love for meeting new p
eople, trying new foods and seeing new parts of the world, each trip offers its own uniqueness.

Shelly has travelled extensively throughout her life, including travels to most of the United States as well as Africa, Turkey, South America and Europe.   Her trips are open to anyone, whether they are new to yoga, or a long time practitioner.

“The more the merrier, it’s like one big family vacation together,” she says.  Shelly has amassed over 11,000 hours of teaching and owns/directs her own thriving studio, Hot House Yoga in Ormond Beach, Florida.  You can be assured that whether on the back streets of a foreign town or deep in the jungles of the rain forest, Shelly will keep it real.  Her experience, knowledge and true love will offer comfort and encouragement to all.  She has dedicated her life to serve, assist, and guide others to flourish in their own power, passion, and purpose. 

All excursions, regardless of the destination, include hotel accommodations, food, excursions, yoga and meditation. ShellyKwiatkouski.com

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1400 HAND AVE | ORMOND BEACH, FL | 386.676.0572 | DIRECTIONS
Recognized by Volusia County Residents as "Best Around" for 2007 - 2017